JIO 4 G in 3G mobile

To use jio sim in 3G or 2G Mobile
  1. Dail this number *#2263# from your phone
  2. Input 0000 and wait a moment
  3. Goto settings > protocolnetwork control > band selection > LTE band
  4. Save band 40, and reboot your phone
  5. Now, Insert jio sim and enjoy jio sim in 3phone
You can’t call anyone using jio nework because, Calling feature Needs voLTE and 3G devices are not capable of this. So if you want to call using LTE network then you can do that by using jio join app
ow to Use Reliance Jio Sim Card in 2G or 3G Phone, jio 3G, jio 2G, jio 4G now use jio 4G sim card in any simple or smartphone without any problem, JioGoogle presenting atest 2 new trick

How to use reliance jio sim in 2G or 3G phone
Use relince jio sim in 2G or 3G phone

Hi Guys, We made a trick specialy for 2G or 3G phone user by which you can use reliance jio sim 4G card in your 2G or 3G phone. Jio sim card officially launched on 15th august 2016 till date many people didn’t understand how to use jio sim card in 2G phone or 3G phone so here i will share 3 method which can help you to use this jio 4G sim in your 2G or 3G phone so lets checkout full above 3 powerful method, which made by our team
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A lot of people still searching on google abote how to use jio sim in 3G phone, trick to use jio sim in 3G phone, how to use reliance jio sim in 2G phone so finally today jiogoogle is here to solve your problem. Let’s checkout

How to Use Reliance jio Sim in 2G Phone

This trick is very easy just have to follow carefully, after doing above steps comment below so that others readers can better understand
  • At first download New Engineering Mode APK from here
  • Open and launch it in your phone
  • Now enter your others mobile number and verify it by OTP
  • Next there you will find some apps install all apps one by one
Note: You have to install all apps by clicking get this offer option
  • When you successfully download all apps then, swich off your phone and insert jio sim card
  • Now swich on after 10 minutes you will see jio network comes.
That’s it. Now use jio sim card in your 2G phone